Doing Defies Depression (DDD) is the action arm of the social enterprise, Dysthymia Bree Pty Ltd. The revenue-generating arm is our online gift store, which specializes in environmentally and socially responsible gifts and homewares suited for people with depression (or wanting to treat themselves, or a loved one!). Proceeds from this store subsidize services such as community-based short courses on improving one’s quality of life while still depressed.

Winter is settling in across Australia. For some of us, depression nips harder as frosts fall and grey skies dominate the landscape. However, DDD continues to offer beautiful gifts and carefully selected services. During June, watch out for our series of LinkedIn posts on mental health in the workplace; keep an eye on our Facebook page for Thrifty Thursday and Freebie Friday deals; follow us on Instagram, and join the conversation on Twitter.

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In the meantime, remember: doing defies depression – so let’s get doing!


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